Here's some basic information...

As you should already know my name is Elayeh Thorpe. I'm just your standard highschool student who happens to love technology. I've always had an interest in technology. After exploring how to code through HYPE I'm starting to realize just how much I love it. There are so many possibilites with what I can create using code. For example, this webpage was created using code. Although, technology is a large part of my present and future, it's not all there is to me. I like other things like reading, animals, traveling, rock climbing, track, and others I can't seem to think of at the moment. It's probably because I don't have that many hobbies in the first place.😪

My Love and Hate Relationships...

I love... I hate/dislike(hate is a strong word)...
Technology/Coding(Obviously) N/A
Traveling N/A
Animals(Yes... all of them. Especially cats.) Insects(Their existence is unnecessary)
Reading(sometimes) N/A
Chocolate or Caramel ice cream Sweet Potatoes(The smell makes me nauseous)
Math(It's the best subject) History Class
Rock Climbing(It's fun. Don't Judge) N/A
Track and Field Football(It doesn't make any sense to me)
Playing Piano Guitar(My hands always hurt and I don't know how to hold it right)

As you can see there's not much I don't like. At least not much I can think of.

What Does School Look Like For Me?

I can confidently say it looks pretty good for me. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and I plan to keep it that way or get more credits. I'm in the Black Student Union(BSU) and Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA). I also am in Track and Field. I'm in the Steam program. I really like what I'm doing in school now. I'm meeting new people and experiencing new things. I'm learning about things relevant to my future career. I know that not everybody knows what they want when they grow up so I'm grateful that I already have an idea. Right now I'm taking an intro to software technology class right now which is putting me on the right path for my future. I also am taking mostly honors class right now. I'm very proud of what I'm achieving already.

That's all from me folks🤠. Go check out my Projects or Goals to learn more about me.